Cambria Live Broadcast Manager

Scalable System Designed for Broadcasters for Automated High Volume Live Streaming Workflow

The Cambria Live Broadcast Manager is specifically designed for streaming broadcasters handling a high-volume, automated live streaming workflow with commercial ad insertion. This highly scalable solution manages multiple Cambria Live workstations over a network monitoring scheduled events, job failover, SDI rerouting, and regular machine maintenance with redundancy support. Cambria Live Broadcast Manager offers a cost-effective alternative to hardware encoders within a fully automated live streaming workflow.

SCTE-35, SCTE104 Commercial Cue Tone Support – Cambria Live Broadcast Manager recognizes SCTE104/SCTE35 commercial cue tones and can call for YouTube ad insertion on the fly to replace ads from an incoming broadcast being used during a live streaming event. It can also ingest SCTE104 from Grass Valley’s K2 summit 3G media server and encode it to RTMP with SCTE35 for automatic ad insertions.

External Commercial Signal Support – Cambria Live Broadcast Manager responds to the commercial cue tones output by master control that indicate a switch from a live broadcast to a commercial or vice versa. This capability allows streaming simulcasts to seamlessly replace a broadcast’s commercials with streaming-optimized versions, or even cue new commercials to the live program.

Scheduler – Cambria Live Broadcast Manager includes a scheduler that allows broadcasters to automatically start and stop streams of registered live events. Users can preset multiple live events with individual project settings and recurring timetables. It also includes a pre-roll feature for cueing pre-prepared content before any scheduled event.

YouTube Ad Insertion – Cambria Live Broadcast Manager allows you to trigger/insert Google ads based on commercial cue tones from a master control or manually from the Cambria Live UI. It also supports YouTube ad insertion via SCTE35 or SCTE104.

Cambria Live Machine Failover – Cambria Live Broadcast Manager can reassign a job to an available Cambria Live workstation in case of a failure on the network.

Cambria Broadcast Manager Redundancy – Cambria Live Broadcast Manager can be made fully redundant by adding a backup Cambria Live Broadcast Manager. In the event of a failure to the main Cambria Live Broadcast Manager, the backup takes over immediately without downtime.

Scheduled Machine Maintenance – The Cambria Live Broadcast Manager monitors the health of each Cambria Live workstation on the network. It can conduct scheduled reboots of the workstations to avoid possible failures.