Capella unveils major updates to Cambria FTC4.0 and Cambria Live4.0 at NAB 2018

Apr. 05 2018

San Jose CA (April 9, 2018) – Capella Systems will show major updates to their Cambria FTC transcoder and the Cambria Live broadcast and live encoding suite in Las Vegas at the 2018 NAB Show from April 9-12. Visit booth #SU9224 in the South Upper Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center to get a full demonstration of the new features and enhancements in all Capella products.

Cambria FTC is Capella’s next generation transcoder, which can run on-premise, or in private or public cloud facilities. In version 4.0, Cambria added many features that enable users to leverage new technologies, meet expanded regulatory requirements, and streamline production.

For example, Apple recently added HEVC to their HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) adaptive bitrate streaming technology, which can shave up to 50% of the bandwidth of H.264 streams at equivalent quality. Cambria FTC 4.0 supports HEVC in HLS, as well as Dolby Vision for producers working with high dynamic range (HDR) footage. Commenting on the new features, Eric Smith, VP Technical Operations at DataTech Broadcasting, stated “advanced support of ProRes, x264, and HEVC were the primary codec drivers for our switch from Carbon Coder to Cambria FTC.”

Cambria FTC V4.0 also includes enhancements to Cambria’s support for the Interoperable Master Format (IMF), which enables content producers to distribute multiple versions around the world from a single package of audio, video and metadata.

Many producers are adding subtitles to their content, both to meet legal requirements and to better serve hearing-impaired viewers. Prior to Cambria FTC V4.0, Cambria FTC offered OCR capabilities that can read text on slates or from captions burned into the video. New in Cambria FTC V4.0 is the Cambria Subtitle Editor, which allows users to add subtitles to their videos for output as an XML or STL file for deployment.

S3 storage is now being used to reduce CAPEX and enhance security, but transferring source files to and from cloud storage can be time consuming. Cambria FTC V4.0 can encode videos located in cloud storage, eliminating the download time. “Reading directly from Object Storage via S3 speeds our workflows as content does not need to be copied to a temporary storage from our archive in order to transcode it,“ said Jan Ekman, Senior Systems Engineer, ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion GmbH.

Cambria Live

Cambria Live is Capella’s software-based live encoding suite for professionals. One key challenge for live producers is monetization, which version 4.0 addresses with support for the Yospace and Brightcove server-side ad insertion platforms. Brightcove’s Hiro Kawanobe, Head of Japan Media Sales & General Manager, sees this as a major benefit to his customer. “Cambria Live’s ad configuration support for Brightcove Live SSAI will allow our customers to optimize monetization opportunities while controlling which ads are served in which order. Our broadcasting customers will appreciate this added control over the ad insertion process.”

Also new in Cambria Live is HLS output support, which enables producers to create streams directly deliverable to viewers without a cloud-transcoding facility, saving the transcoding cost and reducing viewer latency.

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