Capella Introduces Cambria FTC 3.4 and Cambria Live 3.3 at IBC 2016

Aug. 24 2016

San Jose, CA (Sept. 09, 2016) – Capella Systems comes to Amsterdam Sept. 9-13 to showcase beta versions of Cambria FTC 3.4 and Cambria Live 3.3 at IBC 2016. Visit booth 3.A29 at the RAI Convention Center to get a hands-on demonstration of the major enhancements and new features of Cambria products designed for video professionals.

Cambria FTC is universal transcoding software that imports and exports all major video formats at the highest quality and the fastest speeds. Its many unique and innovative features, such as a source-adaptive bitrate ladder and scriptable workflow support, make it effective in any production environment.

“Capella continues to innovate and enhance our product line, adding new features that help our customers achieve a more efficient and effective transcoding workflow,” says Ikuyo Yamada, CEO of Capella Systems. The new source-adaptive bitrate ladder adjusts the bitrates of layers based on source file complexity to provide the highest quality video output without wasting bandwidth. Scriptable workflows allow users to customize and automate the transcoding process based on specific parameters, for example, using a pass-through setting for encoding when the source and target settings match.

Cambria FTC 3.4 also adds x265 support for high-quality HEVC encoding, and it is paired with Capella’s unique dynamic encoding feature. “To achieve the promised 50% bitrate reduction from H.264, x265 uses slower encoding modes, resulting in longer encoding times,” says Martin Belleau, Capella VP of Engineering. “The dynamic encoding feature addresses this issue, speeding up encoding times by employing slower modes only when the source is complex enough to warrant it.”

Cambria FTC release, 3.4 also includes new customer driven features and enhancements for the import and export of newly adopted formats such as AS-10 and IMF.

Cambria Live Broadcast Manager oversees multiple Cambria Live workstations for streaming broadcasters with a high-volume, automated, live streaming workflow with commercial ad insertion. The 3.3 update features a more intuitive user interface that simplifies managing multiple live streaming events in a single timeline. Cambria Live Broadcast Manager 3.3 also supports REST API, allowing users to create, remove, modify, and start and stop events. “API support for Cambria Live Broadcast Manager helps our users easily integrate Cambria Live solutions into their live streaming workflows,” adds Yamada.

Cambria Live 3.3 now supports Facebook Live streaming. Users can stream directly to a Facebook page in seconds just by adding Facebook account information.

“The number of Facebook users creating and watching video is growing exponentially, especially on mobile devices. We are excited to offer a high-quality encoding solution for Facebook Live so our customers can take advantage of a powerful platform that distributes video content to an unlimited number of viewers,” says Yamada.

Cambria Live 3.3 also includes a plug-in framework to integrate with third-party streaming playout systems. Direct your existing playout and ad scheduling systems to mix live and on-demand assets and control the Cambria Live encoding engine.

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